Australian Directors' Guild   

International Director Visa Consultation

On the 19 November 2016, new Visa subclasses were introduced by the Australian government that will allow applicants to enter Australia for temporary work or for a specified activity. All overseas screen directors seeking to work in Australia must consult with the relevant union, in the case of screen directors, the Australian Directors' Guild, prior to applying for a Subclass 408 Temporary Activity Visa (Entertainment Visa). 

Any applicant for a subclass 408 Temporary Activity Visa must be sponsored by an Australian company or an Australian permanent resident or citizen (the Australian Sponsor).


The ADG assesses applications for a 408 Visa on the regulations as outlined in the Immigration Act.

Applications for overseas personnel to be engaged on film or television productions being produced in Australia are considered within the parameters of the Migration Regulations and, in particular, with reference to the extent to which the application complies with the provisions of the Net Employment Benefit Test under the Migrations Regulations.

The Net Employment Benefit Test requires the Sponsor to demonstrate that the engagement of the overseas person/s will lead to greater employment of Australians in the entertainment industry than would have been the case had Australian personnel been engaged.


STEP 1: Application Form

Download and complete this Application Form

STEP 2: Email the Form

Email your completed form and supporting documentation to

STEP 3: Pay Consultation Administration fee

408 VISA CONSULTATION APPLICATION: $550 (per person, inc GST) 



You are also encouraged to visit the Home Affairs website for more information on the 408 Visa Application Process.

STEP 4: ADG will then process your application and advise on outcome, generally within 3- 5 days.