All overseas screen directors seeking to work in Australia must consult with the relevant union, in the case of screen directors, the Australian Directors Guild, under the 420 Visa regime (the Visa) prior to applying for a 420 Visa.

To secure the Visa, the applicant must be sponsored by an Australian company or an Australian permanent resident or citizen (the Australian Sponsor). Requirements vary depending on the type of production.

The ADG assesses applications for a 420 Visa on the regulations as outlined in the Immigration Act.

Applications for overseas personnel to be engaged on film or television productions being produced in Australia are considered within the parameters of the Migration Regulations and, in particular, with reference to the extent to which the application complies with the provisions of the Net Employment Benefit Test under the Migrations Regulations. The Net Employment Benefit Test requires the Sponsor to demonstrate that the engagement of the overseas person/s will lead to greater employment of Australians in the entertainment industry than would have been the case had Australian personnel been engaged.

The Migration Act Regulations 1994 require that the Australian Sponsor consult with the ADG in relation to the application for the Visa.

The Visa Application form is available here in Word and PDF.

The fee for the ADG reviewing the Application and providing the Visa Response Letter is currently $550.00 per overseas screen director.

In the meantime, if you have any questions please call us on 02 9555 7045 or 1300 539 639 or email us at

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