Professional Development

Gender Careers

Funded by Screen Australia’s Gender Matters: Brilliant Careers initiative, Gender Careers is the Australian Directors' Guild contribution to addressing the gender disparity of directors across film, television and commercials. Our two programs are designed to address low numbers of female directors working professional in television and the commercial sector. 


In 2016 an open call went out for female directors ready for the opportunity to direct their first TV drama episode and receive their first credit. We continue to invite female directors to put themselves forward for a shadow directing opportunities on shows such as Home and Away (Darlene Johnson) and Doctor, Doctor (Lucy Gaffy).


  • Have directed AT LEAST two pieces of drama fiction (short or long form)
  • Have either completed a Directors Attachment in the last five years or have additional directing experience of other media or be an experienced film and television screen practitioner from another discipline (First AD, editor, etc.)


Download application form here 

Send your application form and submission materials to


In association with Screen Australia, The Communications Council (TCC) and the Commercial Production Council (CPC), this program aims to engage more female filmmakers as commercial and content directors in the advertising and branded content sector. The mentorship will provide an opportunity for the mentorees to see how the production process works in advertising; from pitching, treatments, production, post production and understanding what a Directors' relationship with advertising agencies and clients is.

Click here to read the Media release: 2017/2018 Mentorship Application Open

APPLICATION IS NOW CLOSED FOR 2017/2018 MENTORSHIP. To register your interest in future mentorship placement, please contact


Download application form here 

Along with the application form, applicants will need to include the following as part of their submission materials

  • Written reference from a recognized screen practitioner

  • Pitch reel
  • Two pieces of directing work - short films, documentaries, music videos, webisodes, corporate videos etc. 
  • Piece-to-camera pitch of up to 1 minute
  • CV
Send your application materials to

Metro Screen Fellowships

The 2018 Metro Screen Fellowships Applications Open


Managed by the ADG, the Metro Screen Fellowships have been created to foster and develop emerging screen culture. It is anticipated that the Fellowships will be a stepping- stone to programs such as the ADG’s Shadow Directing program, Screen NSW’s Emerging Filmmakers Fund and SPA Ones To Watch.



$20,000 cash funding each to two NSW-based directors to support the production of their short screen work, not exceeding 12 minutes, in any genre and any format. 

Last year the judges of the Production Fellowship concluded that the Fellowship would not be awarded and as a result TWO cash fellowships of $20,000 each will be awarded in 2018. 

In the spirit of Metro Screen, the Production Fellowship seeks strong stories that are bold, brave and have something to say, stories that are authentic, informed by lived experiences, challenge assumptions and are charged with a creative use of screen media. We seek engaging stories that must be told and are not currently seen on our screens. 



  • Applicants must be a Director;

  • A NSW resident; and

  • An individual, and not an organisation.

  • Cash may not be spent on the purchase of equipment. 



Contact details – Name, email, address, phone for producer and director (and writer if applicable). 

Proof of NSW Residency – current proof of NSW Residency (e.g. driver’s licence, utilities bill, etc).

Production Information – Round 1 

The following materials must be submitted with application, and the following criteria addressed:

  • Synopsis of the project: one paragraph

  • Final fictional script or documentary treatment (project must not exceed 12 minutes).
  • Brief CV of principal director applicant 
  • Vision statement, not exceeding two pages, that answers questions such as; - Why do you want to tell this story?
- What is the story essentially about for you?
- How does this project reflect the spirit of Metro Screen in promising original stories that are bold, brave and/or different?
- How does this project fit into your career plan? 

Shortlisting and Judging Process – Round 2 

Up to ten projects will be shortlisted to receive individual story development mentoring, after which these shortlisted projects will be considered for production funding. Final submission materials required for shortlisted projects will include:

  • Budget: one page max 
  • Full Production schedule
Brief CV’s of other key creatives (i.e. producers, writers, DOP): total of one page max

  • URL links to previous work for producer, director and/or writer (producer and director must have one relevant screen credit).

  • Chain of title secured: producer signature. 



Submitted projects will be assessed against the following criteria: 

  • Bold and brave story that is missing from our screens; 

  • Creative use of screen media; 

  • Potential to engage an audience; 

  • Potential to be completed by deadline and within budget. 


Click here to download the eligibility requirements for Metro Screen Production Fellowship as PDF




Up to $15,000 cash to support a screen career opportunity, or screen sector development opportunity. 

The Open Fellowship is designed to foster fresh ideas and promote new perspectives in the screen industry culture. It aims to assist an emerging screen practitioner from any discipline, looking to further their professional development, perhaps via an industry placement, or through research into a specific area of expertise/interest. However, there are no restrictions as to what form this endeavour may take – with the exception that it is not to be used for production funding.

Possible opportunities/projects may include:

  • a work opportunity/placement designed to benefit yourself as an individual;
a project to investigate, research or create something that would be beneficial to the 
screen industry as a whole, e.g.:
- a mentored development, attachment or internship;
- research into a new area pertaining to the screen industry;- a community building opportunity, networking event, or innovative exhibition;
- purposeful travel to investigate opportunities currently not available in Australia. 



  • applicants must be a NSW resident; and

  • an emerging screen practitioner – representing any creative or crew position in the 
screen industry.

  • cash must not be spent on production. 



Contact details – Applicant’s name, email, address, phone contact and referees. 

Proof of NSW Residency – current proof of NSW Residency (e.g. driver’s licence, utilities bill, etc).

Application Proposal 

Using Emerging Visions: Career Pathways in the Australian Screen Production Industry report as your reference, provide the following:

  • Outline of the proposed activity to be undertaken: half-page

  • Monetary amount requested (up to $15K) and budget breakdown (including supplier quotes if relevant)

  • Letters of invitation and/or confirmation of intended participation in program or mentorship (if relevant)
  • Outline the impact of the proposed activity on your screen career and (if applicable) the screen career of others (e.g. if networking event etc): half-page

  • Outline the potential of this activity to contribute in a meaningful way to the diversity of screen content and/or screen culture: half-page

  • Outline how you will raise awareness of your activity and of the Fellowship: one or two paragraphs.

  • Brief biography / CV
  • URL links to relevant previous work. 



Applications will be assessed against the following criteria: 

  • Potential to contribute to the applicant’s screen career, or to the careers of other 
emerging screen practitioners; 

  • Potential to contribute to the diversity and/or the cultural development of the screen 

  • Evidence of research or development which underpins the project logic/premise; 

  • Appropriate references to, and understanding of, the Emerging Visions report mentioned 

  • The ability of the applicant to complete the project by the stated deadline (if applicable). 


Click here to download the eligibility requirements for Metro Screen Open Fellowship as PDF




The Committee has the right to determine whether applications meet the desired criteria for each of the Fellowship categories. In the event that a Fellowship/s is not awarded, the associated funds will be rolled over into the following application year. The Committee has the right to award the Open Fellowship to more than one applicant (if individual applications are less than the full Fellowship funding available). 

On completion, the Production Fellowship recipient/s will be required to hold a cast & crew screening of their completed screen work; and the Open Fellowship recipient/s will be required to provide a three-page overview of their project for industry publication. 




Directors Attachment Scheme


ADG is currently does not run any Directors Attachment Scheme. Due to the nature of the changes on the funding policy, all the Directors Attachments funding from both Federal Government and the State Government are given to the production companies directly. 

Please contact your local screen agencies or Screen Australia website for these opportunities. You might also be interested in checking out the following for funding of Directors Attachment opportunities:

Click here for a full list of previous ADG Directors Attachments