• ADG Digital Visions Workshop

    Friday 23 January 2015

    A fun, challenging and immersive workshop with ADG members and Creative Teams in SA.

    - A 1-day workshop
    - Prepared and facilitated by Michela Ledwidge
    - For a maximum of 24 people (max. 6 small groups of up to 4 people each)
    - Each small group must use a real project as their case study for the day – either a project in development (that they are willing to talk openly about), or a previously released title
    - Independent / unconnected practitioners may join together to form a small group, as long as they are willing to agree on one project for the group to use as its case study.
    - The workshop is suitable and beneficial for those intending to take a project to the AIDC NET-WORK- PLAY & AIMIA workshop challenge in February.

    Session 1

    a) Intros & Expectations
    b) Inspiration and ideas stimulation - Michela presents overview of what's possible with convergence. Includes case studies.

    Morning tea Session 2

    Participants take active roles in a mini 'digital vision workshop' for a case-study project.
    This is the process we've used for years with partners and clients to help them define and articulate use of multiplatform for their particular project.

    Lunch Session 3

    Small teams then step through a simplified version of the digital vision workshop - each team using a real.
    project (whether a title they've already released and wish they had incorporated multiplatform; or a project in development). Michela circulates and offers input as needed.

    Afternoon tea Session 4

    Each team gives a 5-minute presentation back to the full group, "pitching" what use of multiplatform looks.
    like for their project. Each presentation followed by a 5-min Q&A. Questions from Michela and the floor can help further refine ideas.


    Email by Wednesday 21 January with 'SURNAME - Digital Visions Workshop' in the subject line.

  • Meet the Makers

    Monday 26 January 2015
    Wednesday 28 January 2015


    AFI | AACTA is pleased to announce that all 11 Meet the Makers events are now being offered to AFI, AACTA and Guild members free of charge.

    An exciting line up of Australia’s leading screen practitioners and 4th AACTA Award nominees will provide insights into their crafts as well as film and television productions nominated for the Awards.

    The Australian Screen Editors panel includes Matt Villa ASE (PREDESTINATION, THE WATER DIVINER) and Deborah Peart ASE (THE CODE) to name a few, while Peter and Michael Spierig (PREDESTINATION) and Jennifer Kent (THE BABADOOK) will speak at the Australian Directors Guild panel.

    The inner workings on making the feature documentary will be discussed in the OzDocs session, with insights from Gracie Otto (Director, THE LAST EMPRESARIO), Brett Popplewell (Producer, DEEPSEA CHALLENGE 3D) and Eddie Martin (Producer & Director, ALL THIS MAYHEM).

    The Visual Effects Society session will see the teams behind THE LEGO MOVIE and WALKING WITH DINOSAURS (Animal Logic) present along with Rising Sun Pictures (THE WATER DIVINER and X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST 3D), including presentations of before and after reels of their work.

    The Australian Cinematographers Society will present an invaluable panel discussion for those starting out. Their ‘What’s Next? Life After Film School’ panel includes Callan Green ACS, Velinda Wardell ACS and Josh Flavell, to name a few.

    AFI | AACTA is pleased to today announce that Deluxe’s DDP Studios will team up with the ACS to present a session about the changes in on-set colour science and digital dailies. Ross Mitchell (Head of Central Operations, Deluxe) and Simon Alberry (Technical Innovation Manager, DDP Studios) will be joined by some Australian cinematographers to discuss workflow design and management, cost efficiencies and creative outcomes.

    Guilds not mentioned above will provide more information in the lead up to these events.

    Meet the Makers events will be held in Sydney on Monday 26 January and Wednesday 28 January, with each running for one hour.

    AFI | AACTA is proud to be collaborating with each of the screen craft guilds and industry organisations to develop this comprehensive, cross-sector program.


    If you would like to become a member to enjoy access to all Meet the Makers events (outlined below), please join online, or contact the AACTA membership team on or 1300 139 697.

    10.00am PRODUCTION & COSTUME DESIGN presented with APDG
    12.30pm SOUND presented with ASSG
    2.30pm SCREEN COMPOSERS presented with AGSC
    4.30pm EDITORS presented with ASE
    6.30pm CINEMATOGRAPHERS presented with ACS
    9.00am PRODUCERS presented with SPA
    11.00am DIRECTORS presented with ADG
    1.00pm WRITERS presented with AWG
    3.00pm DELUXE'S DDP STUDIOS presented with Deluxe
    5.00pm DOCUMENTARY presented with OzDox
    6.30pm VISUAL EFFECTS presented with VES


    Monday 26 January

    Event Cinemas, George Street, Sydney

    Wednesday 28 January

    Event Cinemas, Oxford Street, Bondi Junction
    The AACTA Bar will operate throughout the day.


    Seats are free of charge for members of AFI, AACTA and participating Guilds. Members can also bring a guest along, also free of charge.

    To secure tickets, simply click here, login with your AFI or AACTA member username and password (you can also access your password via this site if you have forgotten it), and select the event/s which you would like to attend.


    For further information or queries, or to become a member to access these events, please contact the AACTA membership team on or 1300 139 697.