ADG Awards

The Australian Directors Guild (ADG) offered Directors Awards for the first time in 2007. The ADG recognized that there were no peer-assessed directors awards offered to Australian directors and established the awards in order to celebrate the outstanding achievements and contributions in screen production by Australian Directors.

Kingston Anderson, Executive Director of the ADG, said:

“The ADG Awards gives us a reason to celebrate the exceptional work of Australian directors. The Awards also provide a great opportunity to highlight, applaud and promote these great works to Australian and international audiences and I encourage member directors to enter.

While there are a number of different film awards in Australia, there are currently none where directors are judged solely by their peers. Because of this, many directors are not getting the recognition that they deserve for excellence in their work.

The awards represent one of the ways that the Guild is looking to provide greater value and connection with both established and emerging directors. They provide an important way for the Directors Guild to build relationships with Australian directors, and will continue to build a strong community of filmmakers across the country.”

Award applicants must be current financial ADG members. Please visit our membership section for more information.

The 18 categories in the ADG Awards are:

  1. Feature Film
  2. Telemovie
  3. Animation
  4. Documentary Standalone
  5. Documentary Feature
  6. Documentary Series
  7. TV Drama Series
  8. TV Mini Series
  9. TV Drama Serial
  10. TV Comedy
  11. TV Reality / light entertainment
  12. TV Children’s
  13. Cross Platform project
  14. Original online project
  15. TVC
  16. Short film
  17. Music video
  18. Student

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